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Clearly, employees benefit by learning to make healthy choices and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Health is a Habit is the foundation of a successful employee wellness program: an easy to read book with basic information that can assist and remind your employees about how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health is a Habit is a small, easy to read book with basic information to create a healthy lifestyle that employees can thumb through to find the health topic they would like to improve healthy habits at any time.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

"Think about the benefits of changing some habits:  increased self-esteem; greater energy to do the things you want to do; a more positive mental attitude;  a stronger immune system that reduces the incidence of colds and flu; greater likelihood of preventing chronic diseases, as well as reducing the symptoms of any disease you may currently suffer with; reduced stress; reduced risk of cancer; reduced risk of being dependent on others taking care of you in old age; and a better quality of life.  

Compare that to being tired much of the time, not feeling good as often as you would like, or having frequent colds and flu..

If not now, when?

"Like most people you are busy now, so it’s hard to imagine finding the time to make changes.  Perhaps you are tempted to put it aside and think about it another, more convenient time.  The problem is that there is rarely an easy or convenient time to create healthy habits.  

Illness and disease to not wait until it is convenient time for you to be sick or deal with a chronic disease.  Ultimately, being healthy and maintaining health is less time consuming, and less expensive than coping with illness or a chronic disease...

Why this book?

"So what would motivate people to make healthier choices to create a healthier lifestyle?  Do you have to wait for a personal health crisis before you can find the time to attend to health needs?  It can often be overwhelming to decide what to do, what direction to take.  

Health is a Habit is a concise practical introduction to learning about taking care of your health and is easy to read for people who are not ready to commit to a longer, more intensive book.  The book also includes a wide range of considerations and suggestions to create your own healthy lifestyle...


Chapter 1
Introduction to Health and Lifestyle

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Sleep Health

Chapter 6
Dental Health

Chapter 7
Addiction and Health

Chapter 8
Smoking and Health

Chapter 9
Summing it all Up

84 pages
Published 2014
Edition language: English