Health Care costs consume over 50% of corporate profits

Health is a Habit is a concise, practical introduction to personal health and wellness. Relevant for organizations that seek to educate and inspire their employees to create a healthy lifestyle, Health as a Habit is a simple way to help workers and their families to be healthy.

The investment the company makes by encouraging healthy lifestyles and by educating employees to learn ways to make healthy choices has many advantages and benefits. An employee health program can teach healthy habits that can reduce the risk of chronic and disabling diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and stress related problems as well as workplace injuries. 

Written by health and wellness consultant Julia Massey, MA, CHES, Health is a Habit is an unpretentious workplace wellness book; an accessible read that raises awareness about how nutrition, exercise, dental care, sleep habits, smoking, addiction, and stress management impact health. 

Research reveals health care, disability, sick time and employee retention are the most expensive line-items for large and small organizations. Health as a Habit helps organizations realize significant reductions in cost and financial benefits:

  • Reduce sick leave costs by 27.8%
  • Reduce health costs by 28.7%
  • Reduce disability costs by 33.5%
  • Reduce workers compensation costs and disability claims by 33.5%
  • Save $5.50 in cost for every dollar investment

One of the foundational tenets of employee wellness programs is that it is clearly better to prevent health problems than to treat them later. Promoting a healthy lifestyle decreases risk of chronic or serious disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. 

Healthy Habits Benefit Everyone

Benefits for organization:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower healthcare and disability costs
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness
  • Lower costs for overtime workers to cover the cost of absent employee
  • Decrease injuries
  • Increased employee retention rate
  • Increased employee morale

Benefits for workers:

  • Improve health status
  • Lower out of pocket cost for healthcare services (ie, less co-payments, lower deductibles)
  • Increased well-being, self image, and self esteem
  • Lower cost for acute health issues
  • Decrease in work related injuries
  • Higher quality of life

Look Inside

Clearly, employees benefit by learning to make healthy choices and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Health is a Habit is the foundation of a successful employee wellness program: an easy to read book with basic information that can assist and remind your employees about how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health is a Habit is a small, easy to read book with basic information to create a healthy lifestyle that employees can thumb through to find the health topic they would like to improve healthy habits at any time.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

"Think about the benefits of changing some habits:  increased self-esteem; greater energy to do the things you want to do; a more positive mental attitude;  a stronger immune system that reduces the incidence of colds and flu; greater likelihood of preventing chronic diseases, as well as reducing the symptoms of any disease you may currently suffer with; reduced stress; reduced risk of cancer; reduced risk of being dependent on others taking care of you in old age; and a better quality of life.  

Compare that to being tired much of the time, not feeling good as often as you would like, or having frequent colds and flu..

If not now, when?

"Like most people you are busy now, so it’s hard to imagine finding the time to make changes.  Perhaps you are tempted to put it aside and think about it another, more convenient time.  The problem is that there is rarely an easy or convenient time to create healthy habits.  

Illness and disease to not wait until it is convenient time for you to be sick or deal with a chronic disease.  Ultimately, being healthy and maintaining health is less time consuming, and less expensive than coping with illness or a chronic disease...

Why this book?

"So what would motivate people to make healthier choices to create a healthier lifestyle?  Do you have to wait for a personal health crisis before you can find the time to attend to health needs?  It can often be overwhelming to decide what to do, what direction to take.  

Health is a Habit is a concise practical introduction to learning about taking care of your health and is easy to read for people who are not ready to commit to a longer, more intensive book.  The book also includes a wide range of considerations and suggestions to create your own healthy lifestyle...


Chapter 1
Introduction to Health and Lifestyle

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Sleep Health

Chapter 6
Dental Health

Chapter 7
Addiction and Health

Chapter 8
Smoking and Health

Chapter 9
Summing it all Up

84 pages
Published 2014
Edition language: English

Meet Julia

American life expectancy is lower than 41 other countries, and our lifestyle choices are the reason why.

Julia Massey

Julie Smedley Massey is a Certified Health Education Specialist, health consultant, and lecturer.    She has degrees in psychology and counseling, has studied depth psychology at Pacifica, California as well as participating in extensive seminars at the Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.

She founded Integral Health Options and has taught health education for over 25 years.  Ms. Massey has been a health consultant and presented health seminars and lectures to major corporations, small  businesses, universities, and rehabilitation institutes.  Among them are The Hyatt Corporation, Martin Marietta Corporation, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the University of Alabama MBA Program, University of Tennessee, Detoxification and Rehabilitation Institute, and the Executive Seminar Center. She has also published health articles in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Recently she has written and published her book, “Health Is A Habit”.  Her mission is to educate, motivate, and support Individuals to create their own healthy lifestyle incorporating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness.

Praise for Health is a Habit

In "Health Is A Habit: A Primer & A Reminder to Create A Healthy Lifestyle” author Julie Massey shares much-needed practical information for becoming healthy and making lasting lifestyle changes. I recommend Julie’s advice to anyone taking steps toward better health. 

Salle Redfield, author of "Creating A Life of Joy"

As an employer, giving this book to my employees was something tangible I could do to really benefit them.  With all of us trying to keep our health-care costs down, it's a great tool full of simple, tried and true ways to lead healthier lifestyles.  Julie Massey's approach is easy to understand and implement, and I've already seen a positive impact in the lives of myself and my employees!

Aleex Conner, President, Marketing Dimensions

Health is a Habit is a remarkably clear and easy to understand book about personal health. Small changes in lifestyle make a huge difference in productivity, and Health is a Habit will inspire that change.

Regula Doggweiler. M.D., Holistic Medicine Clinician 


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Julie lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband Rayford and their cat Cairo.  They have children living on both coasts, so they find themselves traveling often, across the USA abroad.

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