Praise for Health is a Habit

In "Health Is A Habit: A Primer & A Reminder to Create A Healthy Lifestyle” author Julie Massey shares much-needed practical information for becoming healthy and making lasting lifestyle changes. I recommend Julie’s advice to anyone taking steps toward better health. 

Salle Redfield, author of "Creating A Life of Joy"

As an employer, giving this book to my employees was something tangible I could do to really benefit them.  With all of us trying to keep our health-care costs down, it's a great tool full of simple, tried and true ways to lead healthier lifestyles.  Julie Massey's approach is easy to understand and implement, and I've already seen a positive impact in the lives of myself and my employees!

Aleex Conner, President, Marketing Dimensions

Health is a Habit is a remarkably clear and easy to understand book about personal health. Small changes in lifestyle make a huge difference in productivity, and Health is a Habit will inspire that change.

Regula Doggweiler. M.D., Holistic Medicine Clinician